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TR928 - Triangle TRU Tires

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Triangle TRU


Features and Benefits

Excellent water evacuation
High-speed stability
Fuel efficient
Quiet and comfortable ride

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Size MSPN Price Each  
175/65R14 175/65/14/TRI/TR928 $6,739.13 More Info
175/65R15 175/65/15/TRI/TR928 $7,782.61 More Info
175/70R13 175/70/13/TRI/TR928 $5,869.57 More Info
175/70R14 175/70/14/TRI/TR928 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
185/60R14 185/60/14/TRI/TR928 $6,478.26 More Info
185/60R15 185/60/15/TRI/TR928 $7,782.61 More Info
185/65R14 185/65/14/TRI/TR928 $7,347.83 More Info
185/65R15 185/65/15/TRI/TR928 $7,782.61 More Info
185/70R14 185/70/14/TRI/TR928 $7,347.83 More Info
195/50R15 195/50/15/TRI/TR928 $6,913.04 More Info
195/55R15 195/55/15/TRI/TR928 $7,782.61 More Info
195/60R14 195/60/14/TRI/TR928 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
195/60R15 195/60/15/TRI/TR928 $8,217.39 More Info
195/65R15 195/65/15/TRI/TR928 $8,217.39 More Info
195/70R14 195/70/14/TRI/TR928 $8,217.39 More Info
205/60R15 205/60/15/TRI/TR928 $8,652.17 More Info
205/65R15 205/65/15/TRI/TR928 $9,086.96 More Info
205/70R15 205/70/15/TRI/TR928 $10,391.30 More Info
215/65R15 215/65/15/TRI/TR928 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
215/65X16 215/65/16/TRI/TR928 More Info     * Call for Price/Availability
225/60R16 225/60/16/TRI/TR928 $10,826.09 More Info
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